A beginner’s ice skating

If you think you are good at skating and ice skating is a same thing, you are SO wrong. It is defintely much harder.

The place I went to is called Macquarie Ice Rind. It is quite accessible as it’s right in the Macquarie Center and even public transport can take you there. If you take lift it’s on lv 3 and there is a sign in the lift anyway. Make sure you check the session time as there will be private sessions during the day so not open to public.

The access fee is $24 per person and to leave your things with the staff is $5. They will give you a ticket to get your thing back so wear something with a pocket is always wise… The hired skating shoes is quite crap as you can imagine. But there are a couple of things to my relief.

  1. the blade is not ‘sharp’. I was literally worried that if I fall down I will be hurt by someone’s blade. Phew!
  2. It’s easy to stand and even walk around before you enter the arena. The carpet around looks greasy but it helped a lot.
  3. You don’t need to wear like Eskimo. It’s winter now but just a sweater is good enough. But do wear something flexible!

One thing not to my relief is that it’s damn hard to walk ice (and that’s why you don’t walk but skate…) As the first time skater I was playing safe and kept myself close to the edge so that there’s always something to hold on. It would have been a smart idea if I were the only one in the rind. Unfortunately I was sharing the solution with tens of other adults and kids and suffered from severe traffic jam. This constant stopping over pushed me to start going by myself before long. The funny thing is when skating by my own, it felt like a long distance but looking back, it’s just a few steps. That’s why people just need to look forward here (LOL). Saying that though, it’s to my relief (again) that even as a first time skater like can still pick up skating quickly…. Well just ignore poses and gestures.

So with a lot of relief and not relief and relief again I completed my first ice skating session. It was fun. Apparently my psychological ups and downs are more dramatic than the physical movements. Anyway according to someone it’s better than paragliding, which, hmm we will see!


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