Pelican feeding @ the Entrance

For sure I am not feeding them with alcohol..:)
This lovely activity happens everyday at 3:30 PM at the Entrance in Sydney. The place is around 1.5 hour drive from where I live (ok that’s not helpful) so basically google map says it is how you can go:

The first good thing about it is that it’s free parking. So plan your trip as if you go anytime after 3 it would be hard to get a car park to start with. My recommendation is that you go at around 2:30, and enjoy the beach a bit and buy yourself some coffee or ice cream. Then straight away go to the spot and lock yourself a good seat. There are already pelicans well before 3 waiting for feeding so you can start taking selfies with them then.

At around 3:15 the staff will arrive and request everyone to sit down. The platform will be cleared up only for peclicans so if you haven’t taken selfies sorry too late. Again it’s important to lock down your seats early as

  1. There are simply lot of people
  2. Some tourists will get so excited that they will stand up (don’t ask me why) and if you sit back you cannot do anything but yelling at them.
  3. If you have kids maybe avoid first row as pelican will fight for food and start being aggressive.
  4. The feeding lady may throw fish at your direction and you will be attacked by dead fish (it literally happened).

So basically if you are adult and friendly to animal by all means sit at the first row; otherwise maybe second or third row. If you are way behind then it’s no difference from seeing them in zoo except that the staff will come over and ask for donation.

Pelican swallowed a fish

Pelican ate hand….

Also if you plays Pokemon go that place is a dreamland. Where you sit is just next to a gym and there are plenty of pokemons and stations around! Even after the show just walk around the area and all you need to make sure is that you have enough Poke balls!


One thought on “Pelican feeding @ the Entrance

  1. Jax says:

    Hope this time it works. I actually like them. Just because they are not viewed with me and say they are not cute is. It fare. But the fishes are indeed poor.
    I like the new layout. How about write an about?


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