Day 1 – 3 things gratitude

During the training (which I know I haven’t put more real stuff up yet) we were told that noting down 3 things gratitude a day can help change your perception on people and things. So here we go… I am going to open a category in my blog to record all great things in life.

So day 1!

Today I am gratitude that first of all on the plane there is heart shaped cookies! Sincerely I was disappointed that there is no dinner (and I am starving) but I will take it as a good intention from Qantas to help improve passengers’ well being by offering light refreshments on late flights.

The second thing I am gratitude is that Min wanted to bring me some cookie. Ok whether that happened or not was another story but I really appreciate her kindness and I wanted to bring her some chocolate too (whether that happened or not was again another story…).

The third thing is that…. Well in general I  am gratitude that Monz came to me before going back this afternoon and mentioned that his fasting will finish soon and we can go for coffee after it. I mentioned coffee last week and so nice of him to invite back!:)

Actually once I try to recall the good things today more ideas come up and it did make subtle change in my happiness level right now! Even the Qantas flight staff now look sweeter (but still cannot compare to JAL staff sorry!)^_^


3 thoughts on “Day 1 – 3 things gratitude

  1. Jax says:

    For me, hmmmm….first gratitude got to take jax’s spot in the morning for the very first time. Second I’m thankful that I had a very leisure day without doing much real stuff for the day, composed some monthly report on FTE which made me feel proud. We did some stupid video with Amit doing Bollywood dancing and had some drinks and a good chat about games with Ryan and Doug. I like this place:) Third I’m gratitude for Lattix’s texts and phone call at the airport. Very sweet and warm. I still miss the dinner at hungry jax (Intended) and that evening… I ❤ Melbourne Airport!


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