Leadership training summary – D1

It was day 2 today but yet let me write some reflection on day 1 and will follow day 2 up tomorrow.

The training starts at 9:30 but I arrived at 9:50. Thought I would just miss the introductory part (and would love to miss it) but they moved the introduction to later… Bugger! Anyway as I was late I didn’t get much from the first activity, which is to assemble a fake hand (WTF)… then it turned out that the exercise is just to let we know what’s VUCA. Sounds like it’s the big boss we need to fight against so we were given some tools such as 3W and 3C. After half a day I realised that this was the same content I learn a year ago in another training… Well at least good review I guess!

Then we happily shared our business challenge to some ‘classmates’ and they happily gave some feedback (regardless of how much they understood it) and we happily took the feedback (regardless how much value it added). On a positive note though, I did find my working group for the training (YAY!). My bestie is basically as quiet as me but she took very clear and organised notes in clear handwriting. She must be a 學霸 at school… Hehehe~

So I moved seat next to my bestie for the week and started the exciting afternoon agenda. We learned ‘ABCDE’ trick. It is used to control our emotion… So if anyone pissed you off or anything upsets you, you just count ABCDE and miracle will happen… OK I mean you Accept, Breathe, Centre, Decide and Engage. I don’t know but at least breathe has always been working great for me so I will buy it. The whole idea is actually you create the gap for your mind to think – so you can even say ‘I need to go to toilet’ to win more time for you.

The last part of the training is LSI analysis. I will write another blog to review both pretty me in front of everyone and ugly me inside myself, hehehe…:)

Good night for now!


One thought on “Leadership training summary – D1

  1. Junyi Pan says:

    Sounds fun. How lucky are you that got hold of a 大腿……ABCDE made me think of something else like: HAHAHAHA….That’s a good question….You’ve made a very good point….Do you mean….I agree that you said….hmmmm interesting topic:)
    Looking forward to your part 2 with more 干货


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