Airport experience – Japan and Australia

Even now after being back for 3 days I still want to comment the contrast experience in Japan Airport and Australia Airport.

The staff was super nice at Henada airport. She patiently and softly explained how many vacant seats are available on the flight and where our seats are. She then explained how long it takes to walk from check in desk to the boarding gate and advised a time to go pass the customs. Basically I was so impressed that I (shyly) told her in my poor Japanese ‘Yasashii’, and she shyly replied ‘Thank you’.

Then after 8 hours flying…

Once we are greeted by the strong Qantas staff I felt like a sheep. I was herded from here to there with no more interaction than ‘gate x’ or ‘next’. During luggage transfer I was even told off because of stripping off the old tag. Sorry I didn’t know printing another tag was such a big deal!

Anyway I should not complain for the rough Australia style. It’s what makes this country so casual and relaxing and… we call it room for improvement. And in the end it’s much better than China airport anyway…

BTW at Henada the restaurants are arranged like acient Japanese stores. Very Japanese ‘Hello’ for arrivals and ‘Goodbye’ for departures.


One thought on “Airport experience – Japan and Australia

  1. Jax says:

    Some people say under the politeness of Japanese culture is
    hypocritical. However from the surface Japanese are really kind and polite (although I’ve not been there, I’ve met Japanese people). So I don’t agree with that. Hypocritical people exist in every country. But if someone who respect their tradition and family, there has to be some true heart in them, like Japanese who believe in Zen or even Bushido, Chinese who believe in kindheartedness and justice, and Westerns who believe in pride and honor. These people may seem stubborn or red taped sometimes, it’s these hearts and believes brought up the confidence and positive energy of the depth of cultures.
    Not mateships.


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