First Trial – Airbnb

When I was in Osaka I tried Airbnb. Normally I would book a hotel room but they are just too expensive in Japan. It’s hard to find a decent place less than 150 AUD per night in Japan.

Hence Airbnb became an option. Below is the review of the place I went to. You can get details of the room from the pic, if it interests you too.

Firstly price – as said it is much cheaper than hotel rooms. When I booked the rooms almost 2 months before arrival, the prices were all above 150 AUD for hotels.

Secondly location – this room has a perfect location for its price. Even though it’s not in heart of Osaka, it is less than 5 mins walk to metro and JR. If you have bought JR pass, you don’t need to spend any more money on traffic in Osaka and even its surrounding towns. It also has at least 2 convenient stores nearby, where you can buy drinks and food.

Thirdly environment – the overall environment of the suburb is OK. It has some construction sights and I was told it’s also a red light area. The building is a bit old too. It is hidden in corner but thanks to the instructions from the landlord there was no problem finding it. The sound proof is basic so at nights you can hear people talking in street. However as we were really tired during the day it didn’t disturb the sleep.

Then room condition – the room is 95% similar to the advertised pic. The only difference is the picture on website looks much brighter. Also it is actually quite small – we have 3 cases and it won’t be possible for us to open 2 cases at the same time. The bed was OK, but the curtain is a bit too thin. In the bathroom it provides shampoo and body wash, but no more other things. Also the TV is really small – it’s more like a computer monitor.

Last but not least – service. This one I have to give good credit. On Airbnb messages the owner is very responsive to all enquirers and replies almost immediately. It also provides solutions proactively – we booked 2A room but it turns out that the fire alarm is beeping all the time due to low battery. After speaking to the owner she took initiative and offered us 2B and 2C to change. They then changed the battery during the day and explained the problem nicely.

Other small comments – the digital lock is almost hidden on the door. There was a keyboard which will only show once the cover is slider up – took us 10 mins to figure out. Also shoes are required to be taken off on ground floor. Lastly, 2C has a better toilet seat; it is electronic while 2A just has basic one.

All in all it’s a good experience. I would still take hotel as first option if affordable; but I wouldn’t mind trying again as it was good value.


One thought on “First Trial – Airbnb

  1. Jax says:

    Looks ok, land in Japan is so expensive that the room is actually not that small. If you have watched those “home visit porn movies” the nerds are living in some really tiny spaces. But the one we used in gold coast sounds better – the suit if you remember. With kitchen and we bought bacon, eggs and bread from wws and cooked a few decent English breakfasts.


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