Want to be a rock star without being embarrassed by strangers? Come to Karaoke.

Unlike Australia pubs, most of Aisan Karaoke places are partitioned into private rooms. Depending on the number of people, you can find mini/ small/ medium/ large/ extra large rooms. For a period of 3-5 hours, you can use the room without disturbing or being disturbed by others. All rooms are sound proof so even you don’t sing well that’s fine – only your fiends can hear you. 

Most Karaokes offer songs in Chinese/ Cantonese, Japanese and English. They even offer operas (it is big fun to watch those Chinese opera video). All videos have original track so don’t worry if you don’t remember how to sing – just turn on the original version, sit back and enjoy!

Due to the competition in this industry, the newly opened business offer very good facility and experience at affordable price. For example, a small room for 5 people costs only 50 CNY (ca 10 AUD) on weekdays and 80 CNY on weekends for 3 hours. It provides wireless mic, double display and a small platform for solo. However as a typical Chinese business, it lacks attention to details. Among all fancy decorations I noticed a connection box hanging below the TV. I bet there are better places for it.=)

Today (public holiday) when I left at around 2 PM there are already people lining up to be seated. Honestly at a price of 50 CNY you can be a super star, so why not?


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