Zoo Cafe

Here am I in Shanghai.

Zoo Cafe is apparently said to be popular in Korea (and Asia?). Actually with its unique design I did enjoy the sarafi like environment. 

There are real size zabra and giraffe inside the store (and I was really too happy). The stair area is decorated with green leaves and lion steps with dim light, which gives a feeling of sarafi evening (as if I have been there…-_-#). If you like you can find animal miniatures as well sparsed in the store, which you can hold and take pictures.^_^

The seats in the store are pretty comfortable. They provides sofa and coaches, and even small private rooms with large table and TV (like conference rooms). I went there on Sunday afternoon but it’s already hard to get a seat. Basically it gives a cozy feeling and people just sit there for ages! I end up seating outdoor, but the chair was really rough and hurts my back. Maybe that’s why those seat are available…LOL

The food there was OK. Apart from normal cafe products it also provides hot food like chips and waffles. I end up ordering an Amercia coffee and a cheese cake. The coffee tastes plain. The cake is not too sweet (which is good as most cakes in Australia are too sweet), but those plastic spoons!! It would be better if they could have proper steel spoons (or it’s just me)….=_=

This Cafe has other branches in Shanghai. I will visit other branches sometime during my stay to see if I can spot other animals.  


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