Review or Preview? Mao’s Great Famine

It is not normal to start writing something before really finish a book. I am on page 5 of the book as was already astonished by the facts uncovered in front of me.

For someone brought up in China the book is a must read as it tells untold stories related to Mao, Stalin and other communists in a very detailed way. For example it says 

when Chiang was kidnapped in Xi’an in 1936, Stalin promptly sent telegram ordering Mao to release his hostage unharmed.

It gives real historical facts as background which makes the storyline logical and easy to follow.

Moreover,  written in a neutral and unbiased tone, Mao’s Great Famine stands out from other books I read on Chinese history. It won BBC Samuel Johnson Prize for Non Fiction which speaks for itself that less personal comments but more historical facts will be involved.

The Great Famine is a less reported subject compared to Cultural Revolution. In China the history is still mostly known as natural disaster even till today. As said I am only on page 5 but really look forward to seeing the truth thru the pages.


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